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VA Indian Heritage

Aired: August 23, 2003

Werowocomoco Unearthed

When Robert and Lynn Ripley purchased a 300-acre farm in Gloucester County, they knew that archaeologists suspected it was once the home of Powhatan, the Indian chief who reigned as… More»

Aired: August 5, 2000

Clovis: The First Americans?

Since the 1930s, scientists have claimed the first Americans were Asian hunters who walked across the Bering Strait on a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska . They called these… More»

Aired: June 20, 1999

Consumed by Sprawl

With suburban sprawl primed for debate as an issue in the 2000 Presidential campaign, we contemplate the future of managed growth in the Old Dominion. Can Virginia learn from growth… More»