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Aired: November 17, 2001

The Power of Speech

In the days immediately following the Sept. 11 attacks, George W. Bush was criticized for not sounding more rousing in his comments to the American people. But some of those… More»

Aired: January 28, 2001

O’Keeffe in Williamsburg

Curators at the College of William and Mary are recreating a little-known exhibition of paintings by Georgia OKeeffe held at the school for six days in 1938. OKeeffe, who lived… More»

Aired: October 21, 2000

The Hot Seat: The Allen-Robb Race

While few question which candidate will take Virginia in the Presidential race, many are wondering who will next occupy one of Virginia’s seats in the U.S. Senate. Political scientist Larry Sabato… More»

Aired: October 23, 1999

Politics in the Old Dominion

We look at the significance of the Nov. 2nd vote—an election that some predict will result in Republican domination of Virginia politics. Why is politics in the Old Dominion described… More»

Aired: July 4, 1999

The Bill of Rights – Unframed

The U.S. Bill of Rights was drafted over two centuries ago to protect individuals from tyranny and oppression. Its framers painstakingly shaped the Bill’s language to encompass a broad sphere… More»

Aired: June 27, 1999

JFK, LBJ and The Tapes

While Richard Nixon’s recording of Oval Office conversations surfaced during Watergate, tapes made by his two predecessors did not surface until recently. These secretly recorded conversations between John F. Kennedy,… More»

Aired: April 18, 1999

The Baffling Balkans

We explore the conflict in the Balkans with a former Yugoslav government official and experts on conflict resolution and genocide. Visiting scholar Mihailo Crnobrnja (William & Mary), a former ambassador from… More»