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Aired: July 24, 1998

Intoxicating Danger: Pfiesteria and Air Pollution

Part I: Fish kills from last summer’s outbreak of Pfiesteria panic for residents and watermen. Biologists Stephen Smith (Virginia Tech), Harold Marshall (Old Dominion University), and Larry Haas (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) unravel the complicated story of this… More»

Aired: March 27, 1998

Risky Business: Storing Hazardous Wastes and Chemicals

Part I: Mary Washington geologist Grant Woodwell examines the risks of underground storage of high-level nuclear waste and how we can safeguard communities.  Part II: Virginia Tech environmental scientist David Conn and political scientist Richard Rich discuss the… More»

Aired: November 21, 1997

High Anxiety: Understanding Social Disorders

Part I: Education professor Valerie Morprew of Longwood College shares new approaches for treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Part II: Mark McCormick, a Virginia Commonwealth University psychiatrist and director of the Anxiety Disorder Clinic at Medical… More»