From Camelot to Watergate: The President and the Media

For one brief shining moment, the media treated the U.S. president with kid gloves. Today the gloves are off, and reporters go for the jugular. Veteran network news reporter Roger Mudd and …

February 25, 1996

A Engineering History: Railroads and African-American Life

From the westward expansion of slavery, through emancipation and segregation, to the rise of the black Civil Rights movement, railroads have played a pivotal role in African-American history. In this …

February 18, 1996

Passion Play: Balancing Work and Romance in the ’90s

Corporate downsizing. Global competition. Flat Organizations. Increased productivity. The bottom line. These phrases may tickle stockholders, but they can tackle employees – particularly successful, single workers who want rewarding personal …

February 11, 1996

Sighs and Whispers: Sexual Harassment and the Law

Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas brought the murky issue of sexual harassment into national focus. Still, many Americans remain unclear and anxious about the subject. Where do we draw the …

February 4, 1996

The Value of a Friend: Foreign Aid in the Post Cold-War Era

The cash-strapped United States spends millions each year to buy the cooperation of nations large and small at the same time lawmakers propose cutting welfare and Medicare for its own …

January 28, 1996

The Loneliest Number: Boredom and Social Phobias

Part I: University of Virginia English Professor Patricia Spacks discusses her new book, bravely titled Boredom: A Literary History of a State of Mind. Find the segment audio here. Part II: Mark McCormick, a Virginia …

January 21, 1996

A Innocence Lost: The Politics of Child Abuse

Is child abuse in America on an alarming increase or merely better reported? Who stands to gain – or lose – in the debate? James Madison University psychology professor Anne Stewart joins David …

January 14, 1996

Terrorists and True-Believers: The Fear of Islam

Islam is a centuries-old religion of high moral standards. Like many religions, its followers are devout – sometimes zealous. Have terrorists’ links to Islam tarnished its image to Western eyes? George …

January 7, 1996

Caught in the Web: Ethics in Cyberspace

Computer hacking, “flaming” on bulletin boards and invasions of privacy are just a few examples of ethical misconduct on the Internet. James Madison University information science professor Karen Forcht is joined by …

January 1, 1996


A black and white photo in which one light-skinned US Marine in uniform leans against the Vietnam memorial wall.

Voices of Vietnam

The Vietnam War pulled America apart, dividing our country into factions. And yet, memories of the Vietnam War unite us. In a new eight-part special series, With Good Reason explores the unresolved tensions in our understanding of the war and the perspectives and people it forever changed.