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Airing: April 17, 2020

Coming Up: Girlhood

Stories that honor and celebrate Latinos in America begin with children’s books about a little girl. And strategies are discussed for boosting the self esteem and changing the lives of young women.

Aired: March 14, 2020

Hard News

Local news and investigative journalism are vital to our democracy. But are they in trouble? Guests weigh in on the future of the newspaper.

Aired: March 7, 2020

Mountains in Harmony

The singing of former Appalachian coal miner and preacher Frank Newsome exemplifies the oldest, English-language religious music passed down orally in America. And there’s a mountain range in Romania where coal mining communities share a lot in common with Appalachia.

Aired: February 29, 2020

Finding Classroom Success

From racial disparity and poverty to shyness, students face a lot of obstacles heading into college. But some professors are finding new ways to support them and forge a path to success.