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The Jim Crow Legacy at Work

Steven Reich (James Madison University)

Jim Crow maintains a strong legacy today in the segregation of the American labor market. Steven Reich shares why we still lack inclusive work environments, and how to change that.

16 mins

Who Run the World?

Narketta Sparkman-Key (Old Dominion University)

It’s not news that historically, women have been overlooked for leadership roles. But COVID-19 is likely making the problem worse. Narketta Sparkman-Key says that doesn’t have to be true. She sees the pandemic as an opportunity for workplaces to build better systems for getting women into power.

12 mins

The Tailors of Benin

Elizabeth Ann Fretwell (Old Dominion University)

The history and politics of West African cloth is increasingly studied, but Elizabeth Ann Fretwell argues that we should pay attention to the tailors and craftspeople who made clothing, too. Their careful work gives us insights about on-the-ground politics in the small West African nation of Benin.

24 mins

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