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Human Jobs

Allison Pugh (University of Virginia)

Connective labor is disappearing. Professions that rely on connecting humans — like teaching or therapists — are being automated. Allison Pugh says that this is dangerous not only for people’s pockets, but for their overall wellbeing.

14 mins

The Gulf of Opportunity

Andrea Wright (William & Mary)

A million poor men migrate to the Gulf for unskilled jobs every year. Andrea Wright says that the Indian government sees this as an opportunity, but also a mark against India in the international imagination.

14 mins

The Ludlow Massacre

Fawn-Amber Montoya (James Madison University)

In 1914, coal miners in Ludlow, Colorado went on strike to protest better working conditions. Fawn-Amber Montoya details how they were terrorized and massacred in response.

24 mins

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