Aired: October 5, 2018

Voices of Vietnam: Women of War

This series was made possible by a major grant from The National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the Human Endeavor. For more information about the NEH and its programming, visit
Special thanks to Wesley Abney, William “Bogie” Holland, Eric Fox, Ron Ritter, and Newport News Shipbuilding for their support in making this series.

Several women dressed in scrubs pose in a helicopter with male soldiers during the Vietnam War. Source: Jane McCarthy, used with permission.

  • At Your Service (28 min.)

    With: Jane McCarthy, Ann Kelsey, Barbara Lilly

    Nurse Jane McCarthy joined the Army to treat injured servicemen and forge a path of independence. Librarian Ann Kelsey provided a welcoming place on base to relax after scrounging a helmet for the next rocket attack. And “Donut Dolly” Barbara Lilly served her countrymen the best way she knew how: with a smile on her face. As women, they’re part of a forgotten group of war veterans who served—and suffered—in various positions alongside male soldiers. In the third episode of our series on the Vietnam War, we explore what drew women to Vietnam and what it was like when they got there.

  • The Homefront (24 min.)

    With: Emma Violand Sanchez, Heath Lee, Jessica Frazier, Marian Faye Novak

    Heath Lee and Jessica Frazier walk us through the surprising and sometimes contentious relationship between antiwar activists and the wives of POWs, while Marian Novak and Emma Sanchez describe the lonely and troubling experience of holding down the homefront while their husbands were at war.



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