Aired: June 18, 2016

Witches, Slaves, and Heroines

  • Tituba and Pocahontas (13 min.)

    With: Page Laws (Norfolk State University)

    The myths and truths behind the lives of two native women—Pocahontas and Tituba.

  • Fighting Back (6 min.)

    With: Maureen Elgersman Lee (Hampton University)

    The stories of three remarkable enslaved women in Canada who fought back.

  • Human Slavery (9 min.)

    With: Paul Finkelman (University of Pennsylvania)

    A brief history of human slavery.

  • Demystefying Pocahontas (24 min.)

    With: Helen Rountree (Old Dominion University) and Camilla Townsend (Colgate University)

    In a lively discussion, historians demystify the legend of Pocahontas and, in doing so, paint an engrossing picture of Indian life in the early 1600s.



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