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Winning NIL

Kim Whitler (University of Virginia)

NIL sent shockwaves through college athletics when it was signed into law in 2021. Now student-athletes could earn money off of their name, image, and likeness. But there weren’t any guide-rails to help student-athletes navigate the new NIL landscape. Enter Kim Whitler. She co-wrote Athlete Brands: How to Benefit from Your Name, Image and Likeness.

17 mins

Anti-Doping Policy

Jo Morrison (Longwood University)

In 2020, Sha’Carri Richardson was barred from representing Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics because she tested positive for marajuana. Jo Morrison says there are many other elite athletes like Richardson who’ve had their reputations tarnished for taking banned substances that have little to no evidence of enhancing performance.

12 mins

The Examined Run

Sabrina Little (Christopher Newport University)

For runners, there’s nothing like the freedom of lacing up your shoes and putting foot to pavement, logging mile after mile in the open air. Sabrina Little is a Professor of Leadership Studies in the Department of Leadership and American Studies at Christopher Newport University. She studies how running can hone virtues that are beneficial to life outside of sports.

12 mins


Carray Banks (Norfolk State University)

While golf might not be a high-octane contact sport like basketball or football, it’s something you can play throughout your life and even into your later years. Carray Banks is on a mission to generate funding to field both womens and mens golf teams at all HBCU’s in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

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