Aired: November 15, 2008


A Nintendo game is a hot new exercise video for seniors.  Nancy King visits with some “Wii Bowlers” and recreation therapists Susan Lynch and Cathy Roy (Longwood University). Meanwhile, researchers are creating virtual-reality scenery and games to encourage therapy patients to extend their workouts on a treadmill.  Martha Walker’s team is seeing success with adults who are recovering from strokes and Karen Kott (Old Dominion University) sees promise for children with cerebral palsy.  Also: H. Michael Gelfand (James Madison University) says the sport of surfing, which began in Hawaii, has gone from a marginalized pastime of beach hoodlums to a  respected global industry.


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  1. jesse

    Hi, this is Jesse. Sarah and I produced the segment about surfing together. The guest, H. Gelfand, gave me his top five list of favorite surfing films and I wanted to share them with you.

    1. The Endless Summer and The Endless Summer 2: Bruce Brown’s classic surfing documentary and the 1994 sequel.

    2. Sliding Liberia (2007): A documentary in which four surfers explore Liberia in the aftermath of the civil war and meet Liberia’s first surfer.

    3. Step Into Liquid (2003) A film in the tradition of “The Endless Summer” by Dana Brown, showing surfers in places like Lake Michigan, Galveston Bay, Ireland and Easter Island.

    4. Riding Giants (2004) Stacey Peralta’s look at the history of big wave riding featuring Laird Hamilton and Greg Noll.

    5. Thicker Than Water (2000) Surfing film directed by surfer/musician Jack Johnson with the Malloy Brothers.

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