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We Are The Work

Gilda Pedraza (the Latino Community Fund of Georgia)

Remember those twelve months where every ad was asking you to vote? It was inescapable. Gilda Pedraza and her team worked around the clock to ensure Latino voters in Georgia had the information they needed to cast their ballot.

6 mins

Why Vote?

Bernard Fraga (Emory University)

Even with historic voter turnout, a third of eligible adults didn’t vote. Bernard Fraga says that’s a political failure, and not the failure of individual voters.

12 mins

Elections Aren’t Broken, But The Budgets Are

Kathleen Hale and Mitchell Brown (Auburn University)

Kathleen Hale and Mitchell Brown have spent years traveling the country talking to election officials. They say that this past election transformed voting in America.

10 mins

New Media And Its Voters

Evette Dionne (Bitch Media)

Young people feel ignored by politicians, and politicians feel ignored by young people. So the cycle repeats. A lot of young people don’t vote, and politicians opt out of spending money trying to reach them. Evette Dionne says that new media engages the young voters who politicians ignore.

24 mins

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