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Disastrous Opportunity

Taiyi Sun (Christopher Newport University)

Every disaster creates civilian groups that step up and respond to needs. Taiyi Sun says that the Chinese government identifies leaders of those groups, and empowers them to be civil servants.

14 mins

National Security Threat #1

Spencer Bakich (Virginia Military Institute)

U.S.-China tensions are always tense. Spencer Bakich says that the two nuclear powers’ greatest military threat lies in the small, technological giant: Taiwan. 

14 mins

The Vanishing Countryside

Dennis Lo (James Madison University)

The vanishing countryside of films like Yellow Earth and City of Sadness weren’t just cinema for Dennis Lo. He grew up five minutes away from the rice fields that became Taiwan’s science and technology park.

12 mins

Material Life

Lijun Zhang (George Mason University)

Quilts tell a story. In Southwestern China, Lijun Zhang heard new stories.

12 mins

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