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Training for Jobs After Prison

Marcella Gale (Central Virginia Community College)

One of the biggest hurdles for ex-convicts re-entering society is finding a job. Marcella Gale teaches ex-convicts and other adult learners in a program that offers industry-specific technical training that’s in high demand.

18 mins

Segregation in Schools Today

Genevieve Siegel-Hawley (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The research shows that segregated schools are unequal schools, and yet segregation is still a reality in America. Genevieve Siegel-Hawley says that the key to integrating schools is breaking down the barriers between suburban and city districts.

10 mins

Overhauling Community Colleges

Stan Jones

For every ten students who go to community college for an associate’s degree, only one graduates in three years. Stan Jonespresident of Complete College America says it’s time to overhaul the community college system.

13 mins

Increasing Math Literacy

Randy Cone (Virginia Military Institute)

Math professor Randy Conesays that his students are less math-literate today than they were fifteen years ago. He’s looking for new ways to bring students up to speed for college level math.

11 mins

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