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Comedic Escapism

Inman Majors (James Madison University)

Author Inman Majors gives us some comedic escapism and revives an old classic.

13 mins

Reclaiming the Pin-up

Erin Devine (Northern Virginia Community College)

Erin Devine calls in from India to talk about mid-century women artists reclaiming the pin-up.

5 mins

Whiteness and Poverty

Sharon Jones (Radford University)

Sharon Jones shares why she, a black woman with a comfortable salary, is spending her summer reading about whiteness and poverty.

10 mins

Poems on Nature

Sheikh Kamarah (Virginia State University)

Sheikh Kamarah shares two poets who write on the wonder and devastation of nature.

7 mins

Deep Dives on Russia

Brent Hierman (Virginia Military Institute)

If you’re spending a lot of time these days thinking about Russia, Brent Hierman recommends some deep dives.

10 mins

Women and Mormonism

Stephanie Richmond (Norfolk State University)

Stephanie Richmond recommends a surprising history of women’s rights in early Mormon society.

7 mins

Your summer vacation packing list has some key items: cell phone charger, swimsuit, toothbrush. We’re here to add some essentials to your list, with the best book recs from the With Good Reason universe. 


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