Aired: July 13, 2018

WGR’s Summer Reading Recs

Your summer vacation packing list has some key items: cell phone charger, swimsuit, toothbrush. We’re here to add some essentials to your list, with the best book recs from the With Good Reason universe. 


A book rests on someone's legs at the beach. Image credit: Anne Adrian. Licensed by CC by 2.0.

  • Comedic Escapism (13 min.)

    With: Inman Majors (James Madison University)

    Author Inman Majors gives us some comedic escapism and revives an old classic.

  • Reclaiming the Pin-up (5 min.)

    With: Erin Devine (Northern Virginia Community College)

    Erin Devine calls in from India to talk about mid-century women artists reclaiming the pin-up.

  • Whiteness and Poverty (10 min.)

    With: Sharon Jones (Radford University)

    Sharon Jones shares why she, a black woman with a comfortable salary, is spending her summer reading about whiteness and poverty.

  • Poems on Nature (7 min.)

    With: Sheikh Kamarah (Virginia State University)

    Sheikh Kamarah shares two poets who write on the wonder and devastation of nature.

  • Deep Dives on Russia (10 min.)

    With: Brent Hierman (Virginia Military Institute)

    If you’re spending a lot of time these days thinking about Russia, Brent Hierman recommends some deep dives.

  • Women and Mormonism (7 min.)

    With: Stephanie Richmond (Norfolk State University)

    Stephanie Richmond recommends a surprising history of women’s rights in early Mormon society.



2 Comments on “WGR’s Summer Reading Recs”

  1. Dawn L Thiselton

    Could you please list the name of the recommended book by Erin Devine? I only caught her description of it at the end and cannot access I tunes to hear it again. Thanks.

    1. allisonquantz Post author

      Hi Dawn, the book is Radical Eroticism: Women, Art, and Sex in the 1960s by Rachel Middleman. Thanks for listening!

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