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Mercenary Morality

Steven Isaac (Longwood University)

Steven Isaac looks back to medieval times to show how the meaning of a mercenary changed over time.

12 mins

The First Republican Army

John Matsui (Virginia Military Institute)

John Matsui takes us inside the political infighting that plagued the armies of the Civil War, and the debate over tactics that almost tore Union forces apart.

9 mins

Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

Jennifer Malia (Norfolk State University)

European “freedom fighters” once proudly called themselves terrorists. Jennifer Malia says the literature from the period shows a raging debate about the role of terrorism in revolution.

7 mins

Reconciling the Civil War

Jonathan Noyalas (Lord Fairfax Community College)

During the Civil War, the residents of Winchester witnessed some of the bloodiest battles of the conflict—for control of the Shenandoah Valley—and suffered under Union occupation. Jonathan Noyalas tells how the return of Union veterans to the Valley in 1883 sparked a spirit of reconciliation between former enemies.

9 mins

Underground Activism

Spencer Crew (George Mason University)

Spencer Crew looks back at the “Underground Railroad” and makes a connection to activism in the modern world.

7 mins

Modernizing (at) War

James Robertson (Virginia Tech)

James Robertson shares many modern conveniences that have their origin in the Civil War.

7 mins

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