Aired: August 29, 2015

Time is Brain



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  • Individualized Cancer Therapy (15 min.)

    With: Lance Liotta, George Mason University

    Cancer therapy is moving toward personalized treatment with the lowest toxicity possible for each patient.

  • Time is Brain (13 min.)

    With: Andrew Southerland, University of Virginia Health System

    Stroke doctors all know the phrase, “Time is brain.” We discuss a new therapy, considered a game changer in stroke treatment, that helps some patients achieve a dramatic recovery of brain function after strokes.

  • Landscapes of Longevity (14 min.)

    With: Asa Eslocker and Reuben Rainey, University of Virginia

    Blue zones are areas of the world that have been identified as having the longest expected lifespans. What about these places make them “landscapes of longevity”?

  • Parallel Computing (10 min.)

    With: Wu-chun Feng, Virginia Tech

    Today, most computers have more than one tiny silicon brain that makes them tick—this is called parallel computing. And yet, kids are still learning to program for only one “brain.”

  • A Medical Profile for Medicinal Matchmaking

    Getting individualized care feels rare in the health industry, but in extreme cases, like cancer, it’s key. Researchers in Virginia are taking individualized care to the next level with molecular profiling. Allison Quantz has more.

  • Burning the Candle at Both Ends

    Our guest Lance Liotta is one of the scientists at Mason’s Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine focusing their efforts in the war against cancer on two primary fronts: early diagnosis and discovery of new drug targets.  Watch a short video about their work here.


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