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Michelle Peace (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The use of e-cigarettes and vaping is growing at a rapid rate. Now drug users are using e-cigarettes to vape illicit drugs. Michelle Peace is part of a team investigating the use of e-cigarettes and illegal drugs. (Right image credit:

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Menthol Woes

Nadine Kabbani (George Mason university)

Nadine Kabbani has new research showing that menthol can actually make cigarettes more addictive. This might be having an outsized impact on teen smokers–nearly 50% of them choose menthols over regular cigarettes.

14 mins

Sleepy Teens

Adam Winsler (George Mason University)

The National Institutes of Health recommend teenagers get around nine hours of sleep a night, but Adam Winsler and his colleagues found teenagers in the nation’s capital are actually getting far less, and the effects can be deadly.

12 mins

Sound Scalpels

Jeff Elias (University of Virginia)

A new treatment using focused ultrasound can dramatically improve lifestyles for millions of older Americans who experience involuntary tremors. Dr. Jeff Elias recently won FDA approval for the scalpel-free technique he pioneered after a study yielded startling results.

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