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Incarceration’s Toxic Reach

Stacey Houston (George Mason University)

Stacey Houston has spent his career looking at the complex web between education, health, and the justice system. He says kids who interact in some way with the justice system—even if it’s just living near a justice system facility—have worse health and educational outcomes.

14 mins

Unfreedom in Early America

Allison Madar (University of Oregon, Virginia Humanities)

The laws affecting indentured servants and enslaved people were constantly evolving during the earliest years of America. Allison Madar says the colonists had a culture of violence toward enslaved people and servants.

14 mins

Outlaw Women

Bonnie Zare (Virginia Tech)

Conversations about prison tend to focus on incarcerated men in urban areas. Bonnie Zare takes us inside a rural Wyoming women’s prison to understand the place that some women call “Camp Cupcake.”

24 mins

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