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An Epic Musical Crossover

Brooks Kuykendall (University of Mary Washington)

Imagine if Beyonce had a secret recording of her singing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton, from before they were both famous. It would be epic! Music professor Brooks Kuykendall has worked with a graduate student to uncover the epic musical crossover of the 19th century–a John Philip Sousa arrangement of Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore.

11 mins

Tiny Singers, Big Sounds

Stephen Vitiello (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Stephen Vitiello works with some unusual musicians: insects! Along with his collaborator, University of St. Louis biologist Kasey Fowler-Finn, Vitiello makes sound art out of the calls of insects, bringing these tiny songs to big galleries.

10 mins

Remember Me In Song

Greg Howard (University of Virginia)

Greg Howard remembers his friend Paul Koors, a physician and gifted songwriter, by encouraging others to play the songs that Koors left behind.

7 mins

The Future of Music

Caroline Shaw

Later in the show: In 2013, Caroline Shaw’s composition “Partita for 8 Voices” made her the youngest recipient ever of the Pulitzer Prize for Music. Today, Shaw’s compositions range from traditional quartets and solo piano pieces to a cappella and hip-hop collaborations.

24 mins

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