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The Circle

Martha Luck-McGlaughlin

In the 1990s, a group of single Black mothers known as The Circle formed an underground gambling ring in Danville, Virginia. Their winnings went a long way in easing the struggle of raising a family as a single mother. With Good Reason producer, Matt Darroch, has the story.

6 mins

Greatest Myths of Prohibition

Michael Lewis (Christopher Newport University)

Now close to a century removed from prohibition – speakeasies, gangsters, and moonshine still loom large in the public imagination. But Michael Lewis says our understanding of the era isn’t a very accurate one.

11 mins

Taboo Trades

Kim Krawiec (University of Virginia)

There are currently more than 100,000 people in the US in need of an organ transplant. Every year, thousands die while waiting for their turn on the transplant wait list. Kim Krawiec studies how we view organ donation as admirable, as long as money isn’t involved.

10 mins

Dark Web

Babur Kohy (Northern Virginia Community College)

Most of us know the dark web as this scary and mysterious corner of the internet where online crime reigns free. But Babur Kohy says the dark web is more than just a hub of illegal activity, it can actually be used for good as well.

10 mins

The Anti-Catholic Underground

John Kneebone (Virginia Commonwealth University)

John Kneebone studies what he calls the anti-Catholic underground. He says there’s a long history in the US of the KKK and secret fraternal organizations preventing people of Catholic faith from holding office.

14 mins

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