Aired: May 10, 2019

Through an Indian’s Looking Glass

Cropped sketch of William Apess from The Experience of William Apess, A Native of the Forest. PD-US.

  • Would Would Apess Do? (17 min.)

    With: Drew Lopenzina (Old Dominion University)

    William Apess of the Pequot Indian Tribe has been called the Native American Frederick Douglass. Through an Indian’s Looking-Glass, tells the story of how Apess challenged the dominant power structure of his day using pen, pulpit, and protest.

  • Medicine Man and Catholic Saint (11 min.)

    With: Joe Jackson (Old Dominion University)

    We talk to the biographer of Black Elk, the Indian visionary and spiritual leader who was born in 1863 and died at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

  • Think Global, Buy Native (10 min.)

    With: Kevin Finney

    Foraging expert Kevin Finney worries that many Native recipes have been erased from history and urges people to buy not just local food, but local Native food. 

  • Decolonize Your Diet (14 min.)

    With: Catriona Rueda Esquibel (San Francisco State University)

    A cookbook that ditches the fast food culture by promoting Mexican dishes that are healthy and rich in plants indigenous to the Americas like corn, beans, squash, greens, herbs, and seeds.



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