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Delegate Diaries

Delegates Hala Ayala, Cheryl Turpin, and Dawn Adams

In Virginia, an unprecedented number of women were elected to the House of Delegates last year. We hear from some of those women about what it was like during their first week on the job.

3 mins

The Year of the Woman

Toni Michelle Travis (George Mason University)

Toni Michelle Travis reflects on the year of the woman in politics and what it takes to get more women on the ballot.

13 mins

I Can Make Change

Fariba Parsa (George Mason University)

As a 17-year-old, Fariba Parsa fled Iran to avoid becoming a political prisoner. Now she’s grooming the next generation of American women to run the world.

12 mins

Just Friends

Cassandra Good (University of Mary Washington)

Countless chick flicks, novels, and even self-help books have wondered: can men and women be just friends? Cassandra Good argues that, in fact, American men and women have maintained close friendships since our country’s founding.

14 mins

Well Intended

Jennifer Mease (James Madison University)

Most of us don’t intend to be sexist or racist, and yet sometimes we find ourselves in the wrong. Jennifer Mease asks the question, “When it comes to racism or sexism, why aren’t good intentions enough?”

10 mins

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