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Learning from the Suffragists

Lucinda Robb and Rebecca Roberts

Last year, America celebrated the anniversary of many women getting the right to vote. But what led up to that victory was decades and decades of hard work and strategy. Lucinda Robb and Rebecca Roberts, authors of The Suffragist Playbook, share some of those tactics and how they are still used by activists today.

28 mins

Black Athlete Sister Circle

Tomika Ferguson (Virginia Commonwealth University)

This summer gymnast Simone Biles chose not to compete in the Olympic team competition. And one opinion piece after another weighed in on her decision as a public commentary or stance on mental health. Tomika Ferguson says that whether or not they choose it, Black women athletes are often looked to as activists on political and social issues.

12 mins

Women’s Politics on Twitter

Heather Evans (UVA Wise)

In today’s political strategy, attack ads on TV are out, attack tweets are in. Heather Evans studies how women politicians use social media. She says that not only are women candidates more likely to go negative online, they’re also just better at Twitter.

12 mins

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