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Addiction, Rhetorically Speaking

 Trevor Hoag (Christopher Newport University)

Many people worry that their children are tethered to their mobile devices. Trevor Hoag cautions that we shouldn’t be using the language of addiction, like ‘hooked on their iPhones.’

15 mins

Medicine for Medicine

Nassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne (UVA Health Systems)

There are several medications on the market that can treat addiction. But Nassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne says treating addiction with medication isn’t as simple as just popping some pills.

13 mins

Sparking Change

Warren Bickel (Virginia Tech)

Even the most effective addiction treatments don’t help the majority of people. Warren Bickel says that’s unacceptable. His lab is trying to understand why addiction happens so that they can develop better, evidence-based treatments and save lives.

10 mins

When the Helpers Need Help

Cathie Collins (UVA Wise)

Nurses are often the first connection between patients and the healthcare system. Cathie Collins says that means nurses must be trained to see the signs of addiction and the possible pitfalls in recovery.

13 mins

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