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Counselors Without Borders

Fred Bemak (George Mason University)

It’s been more than six months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Fred Bemak traveled to Puerto Rico as part of his organization Counselors Without Borders. He says residents are still feeling stressed by the storm and its aftermath.

15 mins

Antibiotic Resistance

Bill Petri (University of Virginia)

There’s a new epidemic of an infection related to antibiotics. Bill Petri explains what causes it and how doctors can tackle it.

13 mins

Twinning for Science

Judy Silberg (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The key to understanding the genes behind diseases is in studying thousands of pairs of twins. Judy Silberg is the director of the Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry, which has been tracking twins on behalf of researchers for decades.

13 mins

An Artificial Pancreas

Boris Kovatchev and Sue Brown (University of Virginia)

Type 1 diabetes, commonly known as juvenile diabetes, causes the body to destroy cells responsible for insulin production in the pancreas. Boris Kovatchev and Sue Brown are part of a team that’s leading the way in research related to detecting, controlling, and eventually curing Type 1 diabetes.

11 mins

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