Aired: July 30, 2016

The Music of the Glaciers

  • The Music of the Glaciers (13 min.)

    With: Matthew Burtner (University of Virginia)

    Matthew Burtner spent much of his childhood near glaciers in Alaska. Now he is creating music from the sounds of the melting glaciers to raise awareness of climate change.

  • The Human Story on Tahiti (10 min.)

    With: Jenny Kahn (College of William and Mary)

    How are rising oceans changing the lifestyles of the people of Tahiti? Archeologist Jenny Kahn is documenting 1,000 years of the movements of Tahitian people.

  • Keys to the Cabinets (5 min.)

    With: Andrea Weeks (George Mason University)

    Centuries of dried plants carefully preserved by botanists are stashed away in drawers and cabinets all over the American Southeast. Andrea Weeks is part of an enormous project to digitize 3.4 million plant specimens, perhaps discovering new species in the process.

  • The Giants Who Ruled the Dinosaurs (12 min.)

    With: Sterling Nesbitt (Virginia Tech)

    Before dinosaurs ruled the earth, there were some enormous relatives that ruled over them. Sterling Nesbitt talks about these giants who roamed the earth.

  • The Tree-Ringist (12 min.)

    With: Stockton Maxwell (Radford University)

    Tree rings don’t just show the age of a tree, they also tell us about the past and, maybe, the future. Stockton Maxwell says tree rings might help solve climate change.

  • Glacially Cool Music

    In the stewy, steamy, 90-plus-degree weather of summer in Virginia, composer Matthew Burtner is working on some pretty cool sounds. Literally.

  • Turning over an old leaf.

    Andrea Weeks is leading the Virginia portion of the large-scale project “The Keys to the Cabinets.” Hear our interview with Andrea here, and take a look at the herbarium at George Mason University.


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