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The Rise of Hindu Nationalism

Rohan Kalyan (Virginia Commonwealth University)

As India celebrates 76 years of independence – Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has drawn criticism for promoting a kind of hindu nationalism that’s rooted in the colonial period. Rohan Kalyan says Modi’s vision for India doesn’t leave much room for non-hindus and other minorities.

15 mins

The Banjara

Neel Amin (James Madison University)

Neel Amin studies the writings of British hunters in 19th century India. He says the sense of colonial superiority held by the British was threatened when they met a nomadic people called the Banjara.

14 mins

Bahu Begam

Nick Abbott (Old Dominion University)

In 1765, the ruler of the Indian province of Awadh was defeated in battle by the East India Company. Flush with war debt, he turned to his wife, Bahu Begam, to bail him out. Nick Abbott looks at how Bahu Begam leveraged her wealth to gain political influence during the colonial period.

13 mins

Hinduism’s Staying Power

Atin Basu (Virginia Military Institute)

While Greco-Roman polytheism has long died off, Hinduism remains alive and well. In fact, it’s the third largest religion in the world. So what accounts for its staying power? Atin Basu says it’s because there’s no jealousy among the pantheon of Hindu gods.

11 mins

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