Aired: August 1, 2009

The Learning Barge

bargeThe Elizabeth River is one of the most polluted waterways in the country and the world’s first floating wetlands classroom–‘The Learning Barge’–is coming to her aid. Phoebe Crisman (University of Virginia) developed the floating field station, which is powered by solar and wind energy and utilizes recycled materials. The barge allows students to study and interact with the river’s marine ecosystem. Also Featured: Google Earth is an exciting new tool for archaeologists where high resolution aerial photographs are posted daily. Using similar technology, Dr. Walter Witschey (Longwood University) and other researchers are spotting ancient Maya roadways and city alignments for the first time. Suddenly accurate location information for thousands of archaeological sites is as close as an internet connection.


1 Comment on “The Learning Barge”

  1. Linda Nicholson

    I found the interview about the Elizabeth River learning barge quite exciting. I have shared it with the members of the science department at Highland Springs High School, Highland Springs, VA. I am an English teacher at this school

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