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Sucking Up: A Brief Consideration of Sycophancy

Mark Parker (James Madison University) and Deborah Parker (University of Virginia)

These days, particularly in Washington, brownnosing seems to be the new norm. We talk with the authors of Sucking Up: A Brief Consideration of Sycophancy.

13 mins

Mindful Managers

Christopher Reina (Virginia Commonwealth University)

A new study supports the conventional wisdom that employees leave their managers rather than their companies. Christopher Reina says managers who practice mindfulness are better able to retain talent.

7 mins

Evaluating Values and Personality

Laura Leduc (James Madison University)

How do personality and values influence work outcomes like motivation, decision-making, and performance?

8 mins

Telework: Connect or Disconnect?

Kevin Rockmann (George Mason University)

Could the end of telework be near? Kevin Rockmann’s research indicates that having a number of people work off-site can have a negative impact on the folks who do come into the office everyday.

11 mins

Workplace Saboteurs

Rachel Frieder (Old Dominion University)

Have you had a colleague who is disinterested, destructive, or even undermining? Rachel Frieder studies these workplace saboteurs.

6 mins

The Dark Side of Creativity

Gayle Dow (Christopher Newport University)

Gayle Dow looks at malevolently creative people who are constantly thinking of new ways to create havoc and do us harm.

7 mins

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