Aired: December 2, 2016

The Glass Ceiling In the Ivory Tower

  • The Glass Ceiling in the Ivory Tower (20 min.)

    With: Diane Hodge (Radford University)

    The glass ceiling in the ivory tower, according to Diane Hodge, is real and frustrating to women’s aspirations. Women are now entering academia in equal numbers to their male counterparts, but fewer women are achieving tenure. Hodge thinks that barriers to female academics moving up in institutions of higher learning are still entrenched.

  • Dressing for the Boardroom, or the Bedroom?

    With: Mindy Erchull (University of Mary Washington)

    A new study from Mindy Erchull proves that sexual self-empowerment may be harder than we think — dressing provocatively may negatively impact perceptions of a woman’s qualifications.

  • The Highest Glass Ceiling (14 min.)

    With: Ellen Fitzpatrick (University of New Hampshire)

    This year’s election has seen a historic bid for a female presidency fail, but it’s not the first time — Ellen Fitzpatrick lays out the history of women’s attempts at the presidency and discusses her new book, The Highest Glass Ceiling.

  • Revolutionary Women (10 min.)

    With: Rosemarie Zagarri (George Mason University)

    We all know American women got the right to vote in 1920, right? Wrong. Romemarie Zagarri details an early American experiment with women’s voting in New Jersey and what it can tell us about politics today.