Aired: October 24, 2015

The Giants Who Ruled the Dinosaurs

  • The Giants Who Ruled the Dinosaurs (15 min.)

    With: Sterling Nesbitt (Virginia Tech)

    White-feathered dinosaurs the size of golden retrievers came about after the emergence of crocodile-like animals with their noses on top of their heads.

  • The Tree-Ringist (13 min.)

    With: Stockton Maxwell (Radford University)

    Tree ring scientists spend countless hours in the forest finding really, really old trees, and then deciphering the stories encoded in their trunks.

  • The Monarch Massacre (8 min.)

    With: Tatyana Lobova (Old Dominion University)

    Monarch butterflies are in trouble, but a national effort to rescue the beautiful creatures says we can help by sowing native milkweed plants.

  • How Birds Can Change Their Tune (10 min.)

    With: David Luther (George Mason University)

    It’s hard to have a conversation in a noisy room, so how do birds get their messages across in highly urbanized areas?

  • Camping for Credit (6 min.)

    With: Anja Whittington (Radford University)

    For a full month, students enrolled in the Wilderness Institute eat, breathe, and sleep their course. 

  • The Tree-Ringist

    Many of us think tree rings simply tell the age of a tree… but as Lilia Fuquen reports, one Virginia tree scientist reads tree rings to learn historical weather patterns, putting our current climate into a larger context.

  • Monarch_Butterfly_(6235522618)

    Helping the Monarchs

    As we were doing research for our segment on the Monarch Massacre, we came across this website where you can learn more about monarch butterflies and how you can help bring them back.


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