Aired: November 1, 2019

The Empathy Tours

The former Dan River Fabrics building in Danville. Installation of the “Home” sign was a community event sponsored by the History United Project and the Danville Historical Society in 2016. Photo courtesy of Mark Aron and the Danville Regional Foundation.

  • Teachers Tour Charlottesville (5 min.)

    With: Jalane Schmidt (University of Virginia) and Meredith Howard (Richmond Public Schools)

    Jalane Schmidt recently brought a group of Virginia teachers to see Charlottesville’s tiny monument to its enslaved residents. One teacher, Meredith Howard, had a startling personal revelation at that site.

  • Empathy on Tour (14 min.)

    With: Elgin Cleckley (University of Virginia)

    Elgin Cleckley is an architect who studies empathy. He says redesigning public space can help heal racial wounds.

  • Touring a Different Danville (9 min.)

    With: Karise Luck-Brimmer (History United)

    Danville, Virginia was once a Confederate capital. Now, teams of citizens are working together to tell the story of a different Danville: a city that hosted Martin Luther King Jr. and Thurgood Marshall, a city where brave teenagers forced the public library to integrate, and where opportunity for all is on the rise. Karise Luck-Brimmer recently took students and teachers from Averett University on an eye-opening tour of African American Danville.

  • Southern Symbols (24 min.)

    With: Chioke I’Anson (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Kelley Libby (UnMonumental)

    In this intimate conversation, Chioke I’Anson and producer Kelley Libby share their thoughts on Confederate statues and compare experiences growing up of different races in the deep South.


Transcript coming soon!


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