Aired: September 19, 2015

The Disappearing Lake

Image via flickr user Vicky Somma

  • Dirty Dancing's Disappearing Lake (6 min.)

    With: Skip Watts and George Stephenson, Radford University

    Water is disappearing from the lake where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  Researchers are are trying to figure out why.

  • Planning for Sea Rise (7 min.)

    With: Ray Toll, Old Dominion University

    The White House has chosen Old Dominion University to lead a pilot project to create a plan for the coming sea rise.

  • Behind the Big Game Reserves (14 min.)

    With: Stephen Macekura, Indiana University

    The earliest environmentalists weren’t tree-huggers; they were hunters and colonialists. We trace the relationship between African conservation and colonialism.

  • Horror in the Hills (6 min.)

    With: Emily Satterwhite, Virginia Tech

    We take a look at two very different images of Appalachia: the pastoral, small towns of literature and the often violent cannibals of horror films.

  • Black Gold (9 min.)

    With: James Allison, Christopher Newport University

    Early struggles between Native Americans and the U.S. government centered on gold claims. Now the tension centers on the new black gold—coal.

  • Appalachian Enchiladas (8 min.)

    With: Barbara Ellen Smith, Virginia Tech

    In the mid-90s, Latino immigrants started to migrate to smaller towns in the South. The new Appalachia includes chicken enchiladas and tamales.