Airing: March 24, 2018

Coming Up: The Coming Prohibition

South Carolina saw the statewide prohibition of alcohol in 1915. But not before the state established its own dispensary system more than a decade earlier. In his book The Coming of Southern Prohibition, Michael Lewis (Christopher Newport University) tells the story of one South Carolina town at the intersection of race, religion, and alcohol. Plus: The common stereotype of moonshiners is one of lawbreakers and profiteers. Julia Maggard (University of Virginia at Wise) takes issue with that. She says moonshining was a crucial economic supplement for some families in impoverished regions and that moonshiners supported each other in times of need.

Later in the show: Appalachia is often imagined as rural and white, but a new wave of African American writers is challenging the notion of a single Appalachian region and culture. They call themselves Affrilachians. Joanne Gabbin is the director of the Furious Flower Poetry Center at James Madison University. She brought Affrilachian poets from across the country to her center for readings and workshops. With Good Reason speaks with the poet who invented the word Affrilachia, Frank X Walker (University of Kentucky), and features readings from poets Hope Johnson and Crystal Good.


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