Aired: November 3, 2012

The Case for Coffee

Topics: Health


Call it java, brew, mud, the a.m. savior, or just coffee. Many people can’t conceive of starting their day without their dose of caffeine. Lisa Pawloski (George Mason University) is a part of team of researchers who say coffee may reduce the risk of liver disease. Also featured: Some of us are more apt to succumb to a calorie-rich Frappuccino over a simple cup of coffee. But Niels Christensen (Radford University) says there are ways to avoid unhealthy decisions and strengthen your willpower. And: People who are addicted to drugs tend to choose instant gratification, without thinking of the long term costs. Warren K. Bickel (Virginia Tech) is looking at ways of curbing addiction by increasing the value of future rewards in the minds of addicts.


3 Comments on “The Case for Coffee”

  1. Elliot Majerczyk

    Hello Becky,

    Thank you for your interest in this show. Unfortunately we do not have transcripts of our shows, but if you send me an email, I will get in touch and gladly send you a CD copy of the broadcast.

    Elliot Majerczyk

  2. Candy Carlson

    I love coffee and not frappaccino due to lactose intolerance and a BIGGO dislike for milk. But I wonder if you could send a cd copy re: addictions that I can share with some friends who need help?

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