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AI Optimism

Dan Runfola (William & Mary)

After watching movies like the Terminator, it’s hard not to come away a little jaded about the future of AI. But Dan Runfola says the rise of AI will be a huge boon to society, similar to the industrial revolution of the 18th century.

13 mins

AI and the Humanities

Rishi Jaitly (Virginia Tech)

As we enter into the age of AI, where do the humanities fit in? Rishi Jaitly recently founded the Virginia Tech Institute for Leadership and Technology, a one-of-a-kind fellowship that immerses rising leaders in the tech world in all things humanities.

15 mins

AI in the Classroom

Anand Rao (University of Mary Washington)

Many teachers are scared about the impact AI will have on cheating. But Anand Rao says most of his students will be using AI in the workplace once they graduate. So he encourages them to use AI on assignments and coaches them on how to use it appropriately.

13 mins

AI and Radicalism

Ugo Etudo (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Falling down the rabbit hole started as a reference to Alice and Wonderland. Now it’s mostly used in the context of online radicalization. Ugo Etudo uses a form of AI called natural language processing to glean new insights into how people get radicalized on the internet.

11 mins

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