Aired: February 7, 2020

Swipe Right for Love

Two people gaze at each other on a couch. Image source: The Gender Spectrum Collection Licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

  • Finding Love Online (12 min.)

    With: Brianna Lane (Christopher Newport University)

    It’s 2020 and online dating isn’t special anymore–it’s the norm. But that doesn’t make it easy. Communications professor Brianna Lane shares what researchers know about finding love online.

  • Love, Explained (16 min.)

    With: Jennifer Rosier (James Madison University)

    Jennifer Rosier says that she loves love. That’s why she’s spent her career studying how to make it work better. She shares tips on forming healthy attachment and debunks the four myths about sex.

  • Life is Like a Box of Dark Matter (16 min.)

    With: Joshua Erlich (William & Mary)

    Theoretical physicist Joshua Erlich spends his days pondering dark matter. Along with the universe, the other dark matter he explores is the science of making chocolate.

  • Wines for Wooing (8 min.)

    With: Andrew Hodson (Piedmont Community College)

    There are a lot of myths concerning wine buying and drinking. Wine expert Andrew Hodson dispels some of these myths and shares his favorite wines for pairing with chocolates on Valentine’s Day.



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