Aired: October 3, 2015

Summer Melt and the Z-Degree

  • Breakthrough to Baccalaureate (28 min.)

    With: Bob Templin (Emeritus, Northern Virginia Community College)

    The mastermind of an innovative program that guides thousands of Latino high school students through college.

  • Summer Melt (12 min.)

    With: Ben Castleman (University of Virginia)

    Too many low-income students graduate from high school with the intent of attending college in the fall, but never show up.

  • The Z-Degree (12 min.)

    With: Linda Williams (Tidewater Community College)

    College textbooks can be very expensive. Now there’s the Z-Degree, the nation’s first accredited, entirely textbook-free degree program.

  • Tough-Love “Pathway” to Success

    College-aged Latinos are the fastest growing population in Northern Virginia, yet these young adults are rarely making it through the education pipeline to college. Allison Quantz reports that a tough-love, intensive counseling program from Northern Virginia Community College is starting to seal the cracks in the pipeline by guiding at-risk kids from high school to a bachelor’s degree.

  • Glenda’s Pathway to Success

    This video of students who’ve gone through the Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program features Glenda Sorto, a student who’s recently received her Masters Degree.


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