Aired: January 11, 2014

Start the Year Off Right

Topics: Health


You can’t finish something you haven’t started. Francis Bush (Virginia Military Institute) started running late in life and has now completed more than 60 marathons. Plus: Women’s soccer coach Corey Hewson (University of Mary Washington) shares advice for new runners and those training for a half-marathon. Also: In American religious life, east often meets west, evidenced by the still growing interest in religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Kenneth Rose (Christopher Newport University) looks at spiritual seeking and mysticism in our society.

Later in the show: The link between obesity and health problems is evident, but how to get healthy and lose weight isn’t always so clear. Cathy Roy (Longwood University) says it’s not necessarily the fat making people sick. Her research suggests a lack of physical activity might be more to blame. And: Water might help you lose weight. The latest research shows that drinking two 8 oz. glasses before each meal helps decrease calorie intake. Brenda Davy (Virginia Tech) investigates lifestyle strategies that prevent obesity, and her latest studies about the role of water in diets are making a huge splash. Also featured: Don’t let the economy get you down this year. Psychologist Holly Schiffrin (University of Mary Washington) suggests that lifestyle changes brought on by the recession might actually be better for our well-being. She says one of the surest ways to find happiness doesn’t have to cost a nickel: spending time with friends and family.

  • Start the Year Off Right – web extra are about more than just running.

    What do you think of these 6 Reasons to Run a Marathon?

  • 50/50 Marathons Feature

    Already a few weeks into the year, it might feel too late to make (or keep) resolutions–eat less sugar, watch less TV, or maybe, start running.  Reporter Allison Quantz has the story of a Virginia man who didn’t start running until age 43.  Now, nearly twenty years later, he has run a marathon in every state.


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