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Grounds: A Blackcast

Leslie Scott-Jones

During the early months of the pandemic, live theater shut down completely. Leslie Scott-Jones, a theater director and producer, was looking for a way to continue her work. Grounds: A Blackcast was born. This fictional podcast follows five Black professors at a predominantly white university in the south as they navigate work and life.

15 mins

Plays on the Page

Kate Kremer (University of Virginia at Wise)

Contemporary fiction these days is experimental, genre-crossing, and form-breaking. But one form that hasn’t quite made into the fiction mainstream: theater. Kate Kremer is a playwright, teacher at UVa Wise, and editor of 53rd State Press. She publishes new, contemporary plays as books that are meant to be read by anybody, not just theater-goers.

13 mins

Feminist Theater

Jessica Del Vecchio (James Madison University)

Ten years ago if you asked a classroom of college students if they were feminists, most of them would say no. Today, Jessica Del Vecchio says her feminism and performance class has a waiting list. Culture has shifted and at the front lines of that shift, you’ll find experimental theater.

11 mins

Teaching Improv (in Chemistry)

Kerrigan Sullivan (John Tyler Community College)

When we teach math to third graders we use songs and games and movement. But step into a college math class and you’re likely to see rows of students staring ahead at a teacher talking. Kerrigan Sullivan is a theater professor and she says that the interaction and games of improv can–and should–be used in college classrooms, regardless of the subject being taught.

13 mins

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