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Made in Disney’s Image

Marc Williams (University of Mary Washington)

About 80% of Americans have visited Disney World in Florida. Marc Williams says that Disney World has both shaped and been shaped by American identity.

15 mins

Meme Tourism

Anita Zatori (Radford University)

Anita Zatori sees an increase in young people choosing vacation destinations not to be there, but to create content of themselves being there.

13 mins

Roasted Duck

Cherry Brewer (University of Virginia at Wise)

From guiding tours in Bangkok to operating a Thai restaurant in Sydney, Australia, Cherry Brewer knows all about tourism. She’s bringing her expertise to the university’s new hospitality and tourism management curriculum.

14 mins

Solo Women Travelers

Shaniel Bernard Simpson (Virginia Tech University)

After being singled out in a group of peers while traveling abroad, Shaniel Bernard Simpson began wondering what solo women travelers were experiencing.

10 mins

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