Aired: March 26, 2016

Cloak and Dagger in the Workplace

Photo by Asa Wilson.

  • Telework: Connect or Disconnect? (12 min.)

    With: Kevin Rockmann (George Mason University)

    Could the end of telework be near? Kevin Rockmann’s research indicates that having a number of people work off-site can have a negative impact on the folks who do come into the office everyday.

  • Workplace Saboteurs (10 min.)

    With: Rachel Frieder (Old Dominion University)

    Have you had a colleague who is disinterested, destructive, or even undermining? Rachel Frieder studies these workplace saboteurs.

  • The Dark Side of Creativity (7 min.)

    With: Gayle Dow (Christopher Newport University)

    Gayle Dow looks at malevolently creative people who are constantly thinking of new ways to create havoc and do us harm.

  • Disease and Development (9 min.)

    With: William Petri (University of Virginia)

    Dr. William Petri is Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases & International Health at the University of Virginia. He studies diseases in the developing world and how to contain them.

  • Plague After War (5 min.)

    With: Jim Hentz (Virginia Military Institute)

    Jim Hentz studies the nature of war in Africa and in countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia.

  • Creativity in Public Relations (9 min.)

    With: Lynn Zoch (Radford University)

    Lynn Zoch gives us a look at the history of the industry in the 20th century–from Rockefeller’s handling of the Ludlow Massacre in his Colorado mines to the 1929 campaign for women to smoke “Torches of Freedom.”

  • All Alone at the Office

    Working from home might sound like an ideal arrangement, but teleworking affects those still at the office, too. One Virginia scholar says there are steps we can take to avoid the pitfalls of telework. Lilia Fuquen reports.


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