Aired: November 6, 2010

iCheat: Technology and Dishonor on Campus

[audio:|titles=iCheat]Cell phone cameras, Wikipedia, and Google – today’s technology makes it easier for students to cheat.  Psychologist David Rettinger (University of Mary Washington) used to believe that teaching right from wrong was enough to deter it.  But his recent research suggests that’s not enough.  He says old-fashioned guilt, shame, and fear of getting caught are crucial ingredients to stop students from cheating.

Also featured: Not all jobs win you MacArthur Genius grants.  And not all jobs earn you millions of dollars.  Some jobs are necessarily boring and tedious.  Andrea Veltman (James Madison University) says that’s an unfortunate truth because meaningful and fulfilling work are central to living well – and that it boosts self-respect, dignity, and autonomy.  Degrading and stultifying work, she says, can have the opposite effect.  So how do you make your work meaningful?


1 Comment on “iCheat: Technology and Dishonor on Campus”

  1. ishi

    i was a nite watchman too. got the uniform (like a cop) and try to stay awake. scare people===assume the identity. go home, diffrent story. watch yourself. sure, you try to read on the job (1am-6am) . maybe take your pay check and send it to jmu to understand why you dont make (1)7o-g-o explaining why everyone Kant be happy. to put your trash in the shendandoah valley.
    ‘with good reason’. its all good.

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