Aired: May 12, 2017

Shifting Sands

Official Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Mark Fayloga

  • Towards a "Realistic" Foreign Policy (16 min.)

    With: Glenn Hastedt and Bernd Kaussler (James Madison University)

    Glenn Hastedt and Bernd Kaussler are the authors of a new book that offers a realist critique of US foreign policy toward the Middle East in the past decade.

  • What's Next from the Far Right? (12 min.)

    With: Tatiana Rizova (Christopher Newport University)

    Far right populist parties have been on the rise in Europe, from France’s National Front to Bulgaria’s Attack Party. Tatiana Rizova explores how these parties are gaining ground and discusses whether power will continue to swing in their direction.

  • Tracking Foreign Aid (11 min.)

    With: Michael Tierney (College of William and Mary)

    The United States gives out roughly 25 billion dollars a year in foreign aid projects. Is that money ending up in the right hands and what is it accomplishing? Michael Tierney and his colleagues have created AidData to allow the public to follow the money.

  • The Rise & Fall of Stubborn Societies (13 min.)

    With: Atin Basu (Virginia Military Institute)

    Biologists have used game theory to explain the rise and fall of species. Now Atin Basu and fellow economists have applied evolutionary game theory to the greatest organism of all: human civilization. They believe the lack of “foresightedness” in a culture can explain the fall of a civilization.

  • The Short Listen: The Attack Party of Bulgaria

    While Marine le Pen failed to win the recent French presidential election, her increased popularity is just the most recent example of how far right nationalism has spread. Allison Quantz reports on what the right wing populist surge looks like in Eastern Europe.

  • Tracking Chinese Aid

    When it comes to foreign aid, the U.S. hasn’t got a thing on China.


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