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Setting the Stage

Elizabeth Byland (Virginia Commonwealth University)

It’s difficult to be a veteran re-entering civilian life. One day your major decisions are being made for you. The next? It’s up to you. What do you do? Every Tuesday in one small town, veterans gather with Elizabeth Byland for life-affirming improv.

13 mins

Lights, Cameras, Toilet Paper

Brad Stoller (Piedmont Virginia Community College)

How Brad Stoller worked with incarcerated women to create a performance about, in part, one of the world’s most unsuspecting hot commodities… toilet paper.

15 mins

Returning to the Stage

Gregg Stull (University of Mary Washington)

Some industries came to a slow crawl at the dawning of the pandemic. Gregg Stull says that the curtains closed immediately for theaters across the country.

10 mins

Test Pattern

David Riley (Virginia Commonwealth University)

How David Riley turned a museum auditorium into a public programming TV set.

14 mins

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