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Staying Me While Being You

Robyn Berg (Radford University)

Imagine if everyday you went to work and pretended to be someone else. That’s life for professional actors. Robyn Berg says self care is essential for acting professionals to stay themselves while pretending to be other people. She co-hosts a self-help podcast for actors called Staying Me While Being You.

16 mins


Peter Thaxter (University of Mary Washington)

Self care can get conflated with selfishness. Peter Thaxter started thinking about that after a student interviewed him about selfishness. Now, he’s clear on why self care and selfishness are not the same.

12 mins

Designated Driver

Adrian Bravo (William & Mary)

Our childhood affects who we become. And Adrian Bravo has found that in seven countries, childhood trauma has nurtured alcohol dependency in adulthood.

13 mins

PTSD in Women

Timothy Jarome (Virginia Tech)

All sexes deal with PTSD. But Timothy Jarome has found that a certain protein in women’s brain makes them experience PTSD differently.

11 mins

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