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Immigrant Incarceration

Brianna Nofil (William & Mary)

Immigrant incarceration has a long history in the US – starting with the Chinese Exclusion Acts of 1882. Brianna Nofil says it’s part of a system of mass incarceration that’s still largely intact today.

15 mins

Border hacker

Levi Vonk (University of Virginia)

In 2015, Levi Vonk joined one of the first migrant caravans, marching with hundreds through Mexico. It’s where he met a 37 year old computer hacker named Axel Kirshner who had just been deported from the US. The two hit it off and wrote a book together about Kirshner’s life called Border Hacker. They recently sold the rights to Hollywood to turn it into a film.

13 mins

Demonizing the Border

John Weber (Old Dominion University)

When it comes to human beings, there aren’t many worse than William Hanson. His career as a Texas Ranger and a top official in the US Immigration Service was marred by rampant corruption. John Weber says Hanson shaped how many US policymakers still understand the border today: as a dangerous place to be policed.

13 mins

The Picky Eagle

Richard Maass (Old Dominion University)

From 1775 to 1898, the US had numerous opportunities to expand its territory: 23 to be exact. But while the great European powers jumped at every chance to enrich their empires, Richard Maass says America often resisted that impulse.

11 mins

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