Aired: January 31, 2020

Seeing the Future of Medicine

Close-up of a human eyeball.

Close-up of a human eyeball. Image source: Sam Bald / Flickr. Licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

  • Curing Blindness (17 min.)

    With: Dr. Jayakrishna Ambati (University of Virginia)

    Dr. Jayakrishna Ambati is an ophthalmologist who is dedicated to ending a condition called macular degeneration. This phenomenon leads to sight loss, and currently affects more than 10 million Americans. Now, Dr. Ambati believes a cure is on the way.

  • Escape Room in the Nursing Classroom (11 min.)

    With: Janice Hawkins (Old Dominion University)

    The Escape Room craze, where people work together to solve puzzles that unlock a door, is now a new tool in health education. Janice Hawkins says her nursing students are learning the fundamentals of patient care in a fun, interactive setting. 


  • Dreaming of a Cure (12 min.)

    With: Jose Oberholzer (University of Virginia)

    Transplant surgeon Jose Oberholzer lies awake at night thinking about a cellular cure for diabetes. He founded the Chicago Diabetes Project to collaborate with the best minds in the country on a cure using cells rather than injections and surgery.

  • Diabetes Abroad (12 min.)

    With: Sharon Zook (James Madison University)

    Sharon Zook is back from Tanzania with JMU nursing students where they helped people get what they need to control their diabetes.



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