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JD Swerzenski (University of Mary Washington)

Photoshop recently unveiled a new function that integrates generative AI, a cutting-edge technology that can produce images from text. JD Swerzenski says we’ve reached a point where photo manipulation has never been so easy.

14 mins

Miniatures and Illusions

Rebecca Silberman (James Madison University)

Rebecca Silberman specializes in miniature set pieces: think of tiny scenes intricately constructed inside dioramas. She says it’s a delicate process that requires a small paint brush, strong magnifying visors, and a good deal of focus.

14 mins


Cayce Myers (Virginia Tech)

Deepfakes have been around since the last presidential election in 2020. But the technology was pretty clunky, so they were easy to spot. Cayce Myers says deepfakes will have a much bigger impact on the upcoming 2024 presidential race.

13 mins

Computer Vision

Khan Iftekaruddin (Old Dominion University)

The ability to see has been one of the senses that distinguishes living organisms from nonliving things. But computers have recently gained sight as well. Khan Iftekaruddin uses computer vision to help identify a deadly form of brain cancer, called glioblastoma. Khan was named an Outstanding Faculty member by The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

11 mins

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